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Perfect peace of mind when you have the best finance and insurance advice

“…over the last 5 years we have averaged nearly 9% return per year … “


Get the best financial advice for your individual expat lifestyle

Expats use our un-rivalled 40 years+ experience and advice to get their perfect financial and insurance in place


“…Without your help, I’m not sure we could have had Michael’s surgery…”


Get your perfect medical cover at the best prices…

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Why choose NRG?

Totally Independent

With us being totally independent you can be sure that the advice we give in completely unbiased with your best interests at heart.

Years of Experience

As expats ourselves we have many years of experience in helping find the best solutions for those living in a foreign country.

Best financial advice

We always fully analyse each and every investment to ensure that it meets the client’s needs in regards of return and security.

Superb after service

At all times we are available to answer any questions you might have and to make any adjustments to your investments

At the forefront of helping expats with insurance

We’re at the forefront of helping expats of all nationalities with their financial and medical insurance needs. It is our fundamental belief that the acquisition of wealth starts by protecting existing capital and not by taking high risk financial ventures.

We only deal with the most reputable of providers and with us not being tied to any, you can be sure that the advice that we give is totally unbiased across the full range of investment products on the market.

High performance whilst at the same time protecting capital

We are able to help out clients by analysing factors such as current and historical performance, charges and levels of service. Due to our expertise we are able to provide clients with above average levels of performance whist at the same time protecting their capital.

As independent financial advisors and wealth managers at no time will we ever hold your hard earned money. You will deal directly with the financial institution of your choice.

Use our experience to get the best investment and insurance advice for your worldwide adventure

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Financial Services

Whatever your needs we will have the perfect solution for you by offering top class unbiased advice.


What we do:

Regular Savings

Lump Sum Investments

Wealth Management

Trust Services

Estate Planning

Life Insurance

Medical Insurance

Property Investment

International Banking

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